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All combos served with fries and a soda. Upgrade your fries to onion rings or sour cream and chive fries for .59¢

#1 2 Chicago Dogs

2 dogs, dragged through the garden. If you’re not from ’round here that’s an all-beef dog, with yellow mustard, chopped onions, sweet pickle relish, a dill pickle spear, tomatoes, sport peppers and a dash of celery salt.

#2 Chicken Sandwich

A juicy chicken breast, expertly grilled or fried to crispy perfection and sandwiched between our freshest fixins’. If you’re jonesin’ for it, or you just can’t decide, our chicken sandwich will not leave you wanting.

#3 Italian Beef

Yo, this sandwich, it’s the best. You never had a sandwich like it. Take it from the heavy weight champ, it’s beefy, you’re gonna love it.

#4 Gyro

Delicious. Large. Epic. These and so many other words have been used to describe a Gus’s gyro. If you can conquer it, undoubtedly you’ll say “satisfied”.

#5 Cheeseburger

A cheeseburger is a cheeseburger; unless it’s a Gus’s cheeseburger. Then it’s a gooey, melty stack of cheese, meat, and fixin’s that you’ll be achin’ for until the next time.

#6 Pork Tenderloin

You’ll appreciate the social distancing order more than ever. It’s much harder for someone to snatch the perfectly breaded and fried, juicy tenderloin sandwiched with mayo, tomato and lettuce from your hands.

#7 Maxwell Street Style Polish

The difference between a Gus’s Maxwell and a Chicago Maxwell – about 85 miles. But the drive here is better, and the views are better (especially on a Cruise night). Well, ok – and truthfully, our Polish is better.

Burgers, Dogs, & 'wiches

1/2 lb Angus Burgers

Heavy Chevy

Ketchup, Mustard, Grilled Onion, mayo, pickles, tomato, lettuce

Ford Burger

Bacon, grilled onions, bbq sauce, mayo and American cheese

Patty Melt

Marble rye, smothered with grilled onions and melted American cheese


1/2lb burger, Lettuce, Tomato, Mayo, Ketchup, Mustard, grilled Onions and Pickles nestled in between two Grilled Cheese Sandwiches in place of a Bun!

Giant’s Burger

Three 1/4lb. Angus patties stacked high with American Cheese, grilled Onions, and Mayo. It‛s what the big guy outside eats when he‛s hungry


Available dressings: French, Ranch, Bleu Cheese, Fat Free French, Fat Free Ranch, Homemade Greek, Thousand Island, Balsamic Vinaigrette

Greek Salad

Fresh Lettuce, Tomatoes, Onions, Cucumbers, Pepperoncini, Greek Olives, Feta Cheese. Served with our homemade Greek dressing. Add Chicken Breast – 2.00

Gyro Plate

Our famous Gyro sandwich served with a Greek salad

Garden Salad

Fresh Lettuce, Cheddar Cheese, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, and Onions

Grilled or Breaded Chicken Salad

Fresh Lettuce topped with grilled Chicken, Red Onions

Kid's Meals 5.59

 Served with french fries and a scoop of vanilla custard.

Winner, Winner, Broasted Chicken Dinner


Served with french fries and coleslaw.

Fish Fry Friday

Our cod is hand battered, with our homemade beer batter

Would you like sides with that?

How about a tasty beverage?


Frozen Custard

Scoops - Vanilla or Chocolate

Scoops in a dish or a cone. Waffle cone – 2.00



Vanilla, Chocolate, Raspberry, Very Berry, Strawberry Banana, Hot Fudge, Chocolate Raspberry, Chocolate Mint, Cherry, Marshmallow, Chocolate Strawberry, Butterscotch, Banana, Pineapple, Double Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Orange, Blue Monkey, Raspberry Banana, Cherry Coke, Caramel, Black Cow (Root Beer), Strawberry, Oreo, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Blueberry, Mint


Fresh custard, blended with your favorite slushy flavor. This luscious libation is blended to perfection to create a creamy, perfectly balanced, not too sweet treat. We love orange; it tastes just like a Dreamsicle.

Grape, Lime, Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Orange


Grape, Lime, Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Orange


Snickers, Mint, Hot Caramel, Oreo, Butterfinger, Peanut Butter Cup, Hot Fudge, Cherry, Chocolate, Raspberry, Strawberry, Heath, Pineapple, Butterscotch, Blueberry, Reese’s Pieces, Marshmallow, Nestlé Crunch, Cookie Dough

Enjoy the Gus's experience

The classic, hot rod, Americana loving experience – whether it’s a road trip to nostalgia, an escape from the day-to-day, or maybe you just lucked by – the experience is one we hope you’ll remember fondly. In that pursuit, we promise you fresh ingredients, prompt service, and little glimpse of a neon yesteryear. Let us know how we’re doing!

We're Closed

Thank you for visiting our little slice of Americana in the Kettle Moraine, this season. It was great getting back into the swing of things with you all! We can’t wait to see you next year! 

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