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Gift cards are off-line right now, but will be back soon!!

Gift Cards

Nothing really says “You’re a-ok in my book!”, like a Gus’s gift card. Redeemable for a full gullet any time we’re open. 


That’s a big ‘ol meal for your face. But, we won’t judge you for slurpin’ a couple of shakes… at once. 


That’s a couple big ‘ol meals for your face, or you and your BFF. Or a shake drinking contest with you and a few friends. 


If you’ve got an appetite like a BB with a 4-barrel at WOT, you’re looking to share a lunch with the big man outside, or you’ve got a family to feed – we got ya covered. 


The word ‘Legend’ or ‘Regular’ comes to mind. Happy to see you again, or will definitely remember the time you (or y’all) visited. 

Gift Cards
+ 1.00 handling fee