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Gift cards are off-line right now, but will be back soon!!

Gift Cards

Nothing really says “You’re a-ok in my book!”, like a Gus’s gift card. Redeemable for a full gullet any time we’re open. 


That’s a big ‘ol meal for your face. But, we won’t judge you for slurpin’ a couple of shakes… at once. 


That’s a couple big ‘ol meals for your face, or you and your BFF. Or a shake drinking contest with you and a few friends. 


If you’ve got an appetite like a BB with a 4-barrel at WOT, you’re looking to share a lunch with the big man outside, or you’ve got a family to feed – we got ya covered. 


The word ‘Legend’ or ‘Regular’ comes to mind. Happy to see you again, or will definitely remember the time you (or y’all) visited. 

Gift Cards
+ 1.00 handling fee

We're Closed

Thank you for visiting our little slice of Americana in the Kettle Moraine, this season. It was great getting back into the swing of things with you all! We can’t wait to see you next year! 

Gift Cards

Christmas is right around the corner! Gift cards are available online and year round!